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Holiday Desinations for an Artist

You will not find any shortage of destinations in Europe. In fact, sightseeing, skiing, bay watching, beaches as well as other water expeditions are being adored by the travelers all over the world. Europe happens to be a continent which is overflowing with a plethora of locations providing best holidays for artists as well as individuals of other professions. In this article, we will be mentioning the top 9 most beautiful nations in Europe.

1. Switzerland

This country is known as the most beautiful nation in the entire world and is a perfect spot for those who love mountains. There are lots of important resorts in the country and among the most visited areas mention may be made of St. Moritz which is well known for its winter sports activities such as snowboarding, skiing, and hiking.

2. France

France is reputed for its culture and tradition as well as its architecture. Besides this, the country is also known for its fantastic wines and the most beautiful places happen to be Paris, the capital city, as well as the Loire Valley where many picturesque castles are situated.

3. Italy

Italy happens to be a gorgeous nation which can boast of wonderful landscapes that have captivated the minds of the holidaymakers for a long time. This country is reputed for its charming locations such as Rome, the Vatican City, and Venice.

4. Spain

Spain is probably the most diverse country in the world. It has got almost everything ranging from sophisticated metropolises to white Mediterranean villages. Individuals residing in this country are very passionate and Spain is home to one of the world’s most powerful architectural treasures such as the great Mosque of Cordoba and the Alhambra.

5. Greece

We all know about the ancient Greeks and their historical background. You must visit the country if you want to know more about these valiant individuals. Greece has some of the best locations on the planet where you can unwind yourself and enjoy the amazing islands as well as beaches.

6. UK

Situated on the north-western coast of the European continent, the United Kingdom or Britain is a sovereign state in Europe. This particular country consists of Great Britain and also the north-eastern portion of Ireland plus many smaller islands. Northern Ireland happens to be the only portion of the UK which actually shares a land border along with another state which happens to be the Republic of Ireland. Besides this particular land border, the UK is encircled by the North Sea on the east, the Atlantic Ocean on the west as well as north and the English Channel on the south. In between Ireland and Great Britain lies the Irish Sea. The UK is the eleventh largest sovereign state in Europe covering an area of about 94,000 square miles.

7. Germany

Germany is arguably the most scenic nation in Europe and is full of contrasts. However, it is difficult to find a common element between the nation and its people because of its diversity. The region of Bavaria and Berlin are the important locations to visit in Germany.

8. Austria

This country stretches from the Danube on the east to the Western Alps and is rich in music, traditions, and contrasts. The country is famous for its attractive mountains as well as resorts. In fact, Austria has the most breathtaking mountains in the continent after Switzerland. Besides this, you will also come across some amazing cities in Austria such as Wein.

9. The Netherlands

The Netherlands is known for its rich heritage and there are lots of things to see here. The nation is packed with canals, historic cities, windmills, beautiful farmlands, and wonderful beaches. Cheese, flowers, Amsterdam, windmills – all these terms actually characterize the nation.

We all know that artists are creative individuals and they love to admire the beauty of nature. Many artists are reputed for their excellent artworks the majority of which were actually centered around the scenic beauty of nature. Europe will not disappoint them in any way as far as natural splendor is concerned and they should contemplate on visiting this part of the planet at least once during their lifetime.